Micro-channel “Shake”, can shake out a bright?

I remember reading a piece: Tang Chuangshang son and daughter to see the micro-channel, suddenly hugged my wife and asked her not to say ye, took her cell phone and saw her girlfriends in the circle of friends that read: 23:00 30 points, you sister, hold fast to you, oh man! Aging mother cold feet, shake mode to open the ……
In fact, this was also a shake of banter. Shake pink ridicule include people search nearby location etc. Jieyou this suspect. Some strangers hot chat software also walk the edge of the affair and the erotic. Of course, this is perhaps a strange social difficult sexually explicit helpless, so have whiten said.
But now shake up thinking began to change. If you are an entertainment control it, including those of domestic entertainment, especially music show, more concerned, it should be found that this micro-letter shake is changing ideas, especially equipped with CCTV, some music programs, Batterie APPLE A1078

shake increase the song of choice. Obviously, this is not just the original shake between strangers, but more of a choice. So what the move mean?
In fact, since the advent of micro-channel, has been to explore the business model continues to find a source of profit for this social model becomes very important. Ma also once said that the micro-channel is a good thing, but was Tencent play bad. Sorrow behind or because the micro-channel business model is not clear, or basically a failure.
Today micro-channel business model to seek exploration, shake shake change is one of them. Shake adds songs, this is for entertainment penetration, in fact, is the easiest form of entertainment interactive advantage, including voting, votes, pulling popularity, and even the formation of a participation beyond microblogging. CCTV several music programs, Chinese good songs, Chinese are listening to, the integration of more elements of micro letter, especially after the show continues to enlarge, is making the micro-channel wave of concern about a rising wave. At this time, the micro-channel is also timely integrated into some commercial elements, such as drops of red, and so on.
It is foreseeable that shake commercialization perhaps on the way to explore the increasingly clear, and perhaps also easier realizable. Once upon a time, Tencent also began to advocate the idea of a connection all, in fact, the connection between man and advocacy services, and Batterie APPLE MacBook Air 13 inch A1304

is the same reason, but Tencent greater ambition, the desire to connect everything. In fact, plainly, micro-letter shake uphold is to connect people with the services model. This and Baidu advocate the idea is the same. Increases and a shake of the songs, is precisely a model of man and service options.
Of course the song is the stage for the micro-letter shake a paradigm shift, more services and benefits. This regard, we see micro-letter shake increased attention and stimulate users to perform element envelopes, card coupons. The move is considered to be an attempt to micro-channel connecting online and offline. As we all know, O2O mode is not the key concept, but the floor, especially the advantages of effective integration of online and offline experience and fit, this is the key, but also vitality. Shake micro-channel is hoping to fit a number of activities to stimulate the aid of online and offline, thereby stimulating consumption, and thus guide the user to participate in the flow of real import to the next line.
Micro-channel hopes to shake the interface, so that more business information surrounding the emergence and assist in the cards coupons, envelopes and other stimuli mode “induce” the desire to go to a physical store user consumption. However, this also has some disadvantages, or the future of the model is not like bidding will be introduced? After a shake after shake things appear is “random”, for example, when selecting nearby businesses, shake when the transmission of information, can only return a message. So there are two problems, one user may not be able to pick their own commercial interest in the accuracy to be improved. Second, if the PPC model like the introduction, the preferred recommendation, then it lost its impartiality random, become more commercial. How to straighten this relationship, for the purposes of the micro-channel is also more critical.
In addition, the current shake perimeter, you can also go directly to the merchant page to complete the sign, hair barrage, grab a red envelope, etc. operations. Of course, success is whether the experience of guiding and stimulating place. After all, we also know that a similar buy, public comments and other search can be done relatively precise positioning, but relatively backward in time to push, and shake the advantage in this area better. You can say a shake eager to connect Batterie APPLE A1321
with the service, when further, but to convert the business model is not so easily achieved overnight. Perhaps the increasing pattern of choice, increase user participation is only the first step in the current micro-letter shake of. The way, especially extended to the mass market, conducted O2O more penetration also need to continue to work harder. In fact, the fight for the line shops now also fierce, Baidu, 360, unfamiliar street and other Internet companies are also infiltrate and layout.

Jilin Agricultural “Played” Taobao

As of December 28, 2014, the museum settled in business 700, 30 000 balance on the line of products, sales of goods 1 million, with a total turnover of 98.9 million yuan …… This is characteristic of Taobao, China Jilin Museum opened three months of inventory out of a “bill.” Just three months, net sales of nearly billion of goods, Jilin Pavilion how to achieve such good results? With questions, the reporter conducted in-depth interviews.

Opening Sa month off twice selling climax

“Taobao characteristics Jilin China Pavilion is Xingshangwuting cooperation with Alibaba Group, the provincial Agricultural Comprehensive Information Services Limited, construction, operation, the main push” Northeast Sambo “, rice grains, Changbai (603,099, stock it) Jane, ethnic cuisine, delicious fresh produce, tourism and handicrafts Taobao electricity supplier sector. “Director of operations service Center plateau power provider, said Taobao characteristics of China Jilin Pavilion on September 22 last year, officially opened three months, has hosted two a selling climax. Last year, the “double 11″ period, a total of 327 stores museum participation in promotions, which entered the main hall 10, 30 to enter the venue, the date of traded goods 88000, turnover amounted to 14 million yuan; “double 12″ period, museum 600 190 000 shops selling merchandise, turnover exceeded 23 million yuan.

Last December 28, power suppliers operating service center inventory Jilin Pavilion, home can be monitored by merchants, sellers and their sales agreement settled the focus point statistical data, the results show: the museum settled in business 700, on-line Product 3 10,000 balance, sales of goods 1 million, with a total trading volume of 98.9 million yuan.

Jilin rice “lead dancer” net sales

“In the turnover of one million commodities, selling good rice, grains, ginseng, mushrooms.” Highland said in selling agricultural products (000061, stock it), the Jilin rice champion. “ Chargeur alimentation portable‘s a great relationship with Jilin rice fame, unique natural environment, soil and climatic advantages, creating good quality rice in Jilin.”

Highland said, Jilin Library has “Jilin Rice Museum”, Jilin Museum opening day, held a new rice rice shop the sales, in just six days time, browse amounted to 240 000 times, more than 140,000 visitors passengers, turnover of 7593 pen, the transaction amounted to 570,000 yuan.

“Rice Museum not only popularity, sales volume, but also extremely favorable rate.” Plateau, as of December 28 last year, Jilin Pavilion rice amounted to 3.35 million times total views, visitors over 1.6 million passengers, up to 55,000 people shop members, 65000 single transaction, the transaction amounted to 5.86 million yuan, total sales 500 tons of rice, praised rate of 99.75%.

Jilin Agricultural Why selling?

“Northeast Sambo” known throughout the country, selling ginseng is not surprising. However, rice, grains Why can quickly jump Red Net sales platform? Reporters learned that, Jilin Agricultural able “Played” Taobao, there are two main reasons: First, the unique natural environment; second, fast product brands.

“You could say, Jilin agricultural products are grown in Jilin with mineral water and black land, the quality can not you!” Agriculture Commission Director of Agricultural Economics Department, said Xu Li, Jilin Province, located in the world’s three major black soil zone First, the fertile black soil land is the best production of high quality agricultural products. “Earth is the” king of the earth, “the black soil, water is water from the Songhua River in Changbai Mountain. Black Soil fragrant, Songjiang clear water, moderate temperature, adequate light, the temperature difference between day and night, creating a superior quality of agricultural products in Jilin.”

Jilin online selling agricultural products, its branding and promotion have a great relationship. In recent years, the province especially agricultural Changchun actively build brand identity and origin of agricultural products brand awareness increased year by year. For example, Changchun Songhua rice, under the impetus of the Municipal Grain Bureau, more than six months after the publicity and promotion, has been among the ranks of the famous rice, product sales and prices to achieve “double growth.”

In addition, the positive development of new agricultural business entities scale, commercialization and modernization of agricultural production, the number of agricultural products, and improve the quality and brand, according to incomplete statistics, sales of agricultural products Jilin Pavilion, Liu Cheng is a family farm and farmer cooperatives production and processing, which is the province of agricultural products the size, grade, on grade to provide a guarantee.

Kunlun World Wide Web and the Chinese online IPO audit by the Commission

Commission in accordance with statutory procedures approved 20 companies starting applications, the Shanghai Stock Exchange 10, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange small plates 3, GEM 7. GEM listed company which has two Internet companies, including the World Wide Web as well as Chinese Kunlun Online.

Public information, Beijing Kunlun World Wide Technology Co Ltd, a comprehensive Internet value-added services, was founded in March 27, 2008 (formerly known as the Kunlun limited), the main business focus on the early days of tour page development, operations and global distribution, use the page tour of the development and operation of accumulated experience, and gradually expand into mobile gaming and amusement areas end.

Prospectus shows that the Kunlun World Wide Web in 2014 first half revenues of 968 million yuan, of which, 653 million yuan mobile online game revenue, page travel 273 million yuan, operating profit of 274 million yuan, net profit of 231 million yuan. Batterie ASUS X71SL
from 2011 to 2013 and Kunlun World Wide Web from January to June 2014, agents operating gaming revenues were 203 million, 348 million, 1.07 billion, 8.39 billion yuan, an authorized gaming operations revenues were 87.97 million, 95.98 million, 136 million and 4244 million.

Chinese online Tsinghua University was founded in 2000, with the copyright agency, author of legitimate digital content sources, content aggregation and management, to mobile phones, handheld terminals, the Internet and other media to provide digital reading products; providing digital publishing digital publishing and issuers operator services; by copyright and other derivative products provide digital content value-added services.

Chinese online prospectus documents show that in 2011, 2012, 2013, revenues were 153 million yuan, 183 million yuan, 220 million yuan; net profit was 49.12 million yuan, 54.6 million yuan, 45.12 million Batterie ASUS F83
. Contrast can be found in the past three years, Chinese online revenue growth of 20% in 2013 compared with 2012, but net profit fell 17%.

It is understood that the release date for the inquiry began Jan. 7, 2015, January 12 announcement published pricing, Batterie ASUS Eee PC 1215T
purchase and payment date is January 13.

The proposed acquisition of 715 million yuan five Internet gaming companies Xi Road

Phase of five Internet gaming companies Road hee Technology, intends to acquire all of its 715 million yuan price of the shares. The overall price six months ago, when the share transfer is only 109 million yuan.
Storytelling, hot paste, high cash, called the five Internet and major shareholders Gong Shaohui forte. This time, three to five interconnected phase of the online companies Road hee Technology, to be valued 715 million yuan to acquire all of its shares. The overall price six months ago, when the share transfer is only 109 million yuan.
It is worth noting that the underlying performance of the company’s dependence on a single product and a decline in profitability trillion has occurred, the transaction object “beautiful” performance promise can be fulfilled there is greater uncertainty; and consistent with good cover of pseudo-true holdings of five Internet the acquisition of the “sincerity” and how much, and perhaps also a question mark.
Our products are the subject of a single earnings decline
Suspension of five Internet disclosure in November 6 today restructuring plan, the company intends to “set by the + cash” purchase Zhengwei Gong, Wu Rongguang, true and Shenzhen Ying Sheng Rui Xuan Investment Management Center (limited partnership) holding the Shenzhen market 100% stake hee Technology Co., Ltd. (“Road Hee technology”), the transaction price of 715 million yuan, 32.75 times the revaluation, the Chargeur ASUS S96
and the proportion of shares for cash consideration were 45.65% and 54.35%, the stock issue price of not less than 9.78 yuan / share; at the same time supporting the proposed fund-raising not more than 70 million yuan, will increase the price of not less than 11.11 yuan / share.
Road Hee technology primarily engaged in the research and development of web games, the company’s main revenue comes from operations in Tencent Tencent open platform and game halls “Levee Three Kingdoms”, “the world tyrants domain” and “War Supremacy” and other games. However, zhengbao reporter noted that only income “Levee three” of a game on 80 percent Jeeves Hee Technology revenues from January to October 2014, and which game since July 2014, the amount of the monthly recharge gamers activity, ARPPU value and other data are different degrees of decline.
Announcements, income online products Jeeves Hee Technology in 2013 99% of the main business income, according to industry research reports, web games industry has shown a sustained growth in the number of consumers falling trend. January to October 2014, said net profit of 28.76 million yuan Hee technology. However, the counterparty is still “bold” commitment, 2015-2017 Road hee Technology deduction of non-profit of not less than 60 million yuan, respectively, 78 million yuan and 101 million yuan. There are senior people in the industry told reporters zhengbao:. “The company’s performance is heavily dependent on a single product, and the profitability of the pillars of the product has begun to decline in the future ability to achieve such a high level of commitment there is a big uncertainty in net profit” and in hand upstream business, results promised bolder. According to the disclosure, said Hee hand travel technology products in January-October 2014 was only 12,000 yuan bring revenue, but the assessment report predicted hand travel products will be in 2015 for the Road Hee technology brings more than 18 million dollars in revenue.
Moreover, as a gaming company, said Hee technology has not yet achieved the “Internet publishing license” only through a third party certificate on the unit with the main games publishing application approval and game version number. “No,” Internet publishing license “will be a major worry the Chargeur ASUS N61Jv
‘s future operations, and a third party application for approval and publishing game version number is also possible legal risks and the risk of punishment.” The industry source said.
Reporters also noted that when the road hee Technology with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, all funded by the founder of Tencent Zeng Liqing, but Zeng Liqing only holds 20% stake, and the other three are not actually funded but the counterparty holds 80% stake in the target company. Even more strange is that the valuation Road Hee technology in less than six months rose nearly sixfold between. It was revealed when, in June 2014, Zeng Liqing its stake in the target company will be transferred to three counterparties, the overall price of the target company for 109 million yuan, and this transaction, the overall price of the target company up to 715 million yuan .
Five Internet play acquisition “misdeeds”
Recalling the last failure of mergers and acquisitions experience, seeing the largest shareholder Gong Shaohui and all related parties holding the upcoming May 10, 2013 lifting of the ban, five Internet on May 4 “on time” Publishing acquisition restructuring plan, the sticky “Internet banking “tab. Purchase price of 210 million yuan, the revaluation rate of 105%. Chairman of the Supervisory Board Shen Wenzel actual control of the company is three to five interconnected.
In fact, after three to five interconnected from the market, due to the raised funds to raise a huge amount, the company has acquired Beijing million Post IT Limited (“Billion Post”), Central Asia Beijing Internet Technology Development Co., Ltd. (“Central Asia Internet “), and investment in the establishment of five Internet mobile Communications Co., Ltd., Xiamen and shares Amimon American companies. However, the performance of these companies are not satisfactory.
September 2010, five interconnected to 25.9 million yuan raised funds to acquire 70% stake in the Post million. Although million years 2010,2011 Post realized performance promises, but in 2012 after the end of the performance commitment period, the decline in performance Nearly nine million mail, only 8.4% forecast earnings performance; 2013 net profit forecast 71% of the performance of the first half of 2014 and even loss of 6.39 million yuan.
January 2011, the company intends to use 59 to 125 million yuan acquisition of 60% stake in Central Asia Internet. November 2012 the company will adjust the purchase price for 76,852,500 yuan. As of the end of June 2014, the company has paid a total of 62.8513 million yuan. However, the Chargeur ASUS M50Sa
in 2011 and 2012 did not reach the promised amount of performance, especially profit 3.4 million yuan in 2012 only 13% of the net profit is promised, 5.03 million yuan in 2013 actual earnings are much lower than 22.46 million yuan of forecast net profit in the first half 2014 net profit of only 2.45 million yuan. Interconnection with Central Asia merger, acquisition targets only five interconnected with existing businesses lack synergy, and is purchased on their own earnings outlook is bleak, the market called “weak joint.”
And the reduction of the curse of equity pledge
In addition to restructuring a smokescreen to get into Bitcoin news Zeng investors futile. In the “pseudo-good” at the same time, large shareholders Gong Shaohui share price has continued to take advantage of the occasion to climb the implementation of the “true holdings.” In addition, a large number of shares pledged Gong Shaohui also a big power companies continue to release favorable.
Public information, since May 30, 2011, the controlling shareholder of five Internet Gong Shaohui has repeated pledge of shares, as of December 3, 2012, the controlling shareholder of a total of pledged shares of its direct and indirect holding company 7064.32 million shares accounting for 87% of the shares they hold.
December 3, 2012, the company stock price hit a record low of 5.66 yuan / share, then the market value of their shares of the company pledged a substantial decline compared with 46.55% pledge day, shortly thereafter, the company in early 2013 to suspend planning major events.
In June 2013, between 26 to 27th June 2013, Gong Shaohui holding 71.25% of net interest and trading through centralized bulk transactions total reduction of 600 million shares of company stock. After the termination of the reorganization, the company also plans to disclose holdings of major shareholders in October 25, 2013, Gong Shaohui intends to reduce its direct and indirect holdings of shares of the company in the next six months, 25 million shares.
As of the end of September 2014, Gong Shaohui pledged shares of listed companies as well as 136 million shares, the proportion of its individual holding 98.95%, accounting for 42.37% of total equity.

Huawei Power Institute of Chinese Medicine, Shanxi health cloud platform

Currently, the information industry will cloud computing power have included the scope of strategic industries, developed a long-term development strategy in terms of policies, standards, and government applications, some countries have started to deploy a national cloud computing infrastructure. Ministry of Health and the health system in Shanxi Province is also actively considering cloud computing technology into healthcare information systems, health units to provide shared public health system through the cloud, efficient, safe, convenient medical information services.

Rapid development of business, office systems prominent contradictions

Shanxi Institute of Chinese Medicine (hereinafter referred to as “provinces research”) is located in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, a three-level hospitals, 1058 beds existing establishment, 74 special disease clinic, clinical medical and ancillary departments 47, Japan about 1,000 people were outpatients. Shanxi Province is the largest in the pharmaceutical field, the higher the level of the strongest integrated set of medical, research, teaching as one of the Chinese medical institutions, serving the people in Shanxi and neighboring provinces.

With the continuous growth and expansion of the hospital business, the demand for office systems is increasing, office equipment, such as increasing the number of PC and brought the desktop operation and maintenance management, information security management, asset management and other increasingly heavy workload, “supply and control “problems are highlighted: on the one hand, IT resources more and more, but still can not quickly respond to business needs; on the other hand, resource utilization is low, did not play its due value; but the management task increasingly difficult to afford the challenge is growing. According to statistics, the information center staff of 40% of the energy used in the ordinary PC maintenance, on a new Dell U4873 Battery
takes 3 hours. 30 daily average PC needs to support. PC applications have different needs and different business departments, to the management and maintenance has brought great difficulties. How to liberate information center productivity of existing staff and create greater value, is the main problem facing research provinces.

“Health cloud” as an opportunity to advance the Pathfinder office desktop cloud

Yingze District Health Board has been committed to promoting Yingze “Health cloud” building. Therefore, Provincial Hospital as a starting point to build a healthy start deploying cloud.

Health is the core of cloud cloud computing, cloud computing through virtualization management technology to achieve business logic and computing / storage of decoupling, which various applications can share computing / storage resources, and to make these calculations sharing / storage resources intelligent and automated management. The cloud computing technology used in the medical industry to provide health cloud services will greatly improve the utilization of health care information systems infrastructure, scalability, flexibility, speed the introduction of new business systems and the maintenance of efficiency

Province cloud-based health research in order to deal with hospital clinical services, research, administration, decision-making and office automation to achieve the objectives and meet the various organizations, departments, various application requirements of integrated information application systems. Eventually, the build system after all Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery

systems and services provided by the health office desktop cloud. The early stages of research in advance on-line province health office desktop cloud, when the time is ripe, the other office desktops and applications gradually and steadily migrating to cloud running healthy.

Liberate the productive forces, leading to efficient information technology, green and safe development

Research on the desktop cloud provinces before the on-line system were studied, demonstration and testing, and ultimately chose Huawei FusionAccess desktop cloud solution used, including outpatient, inpatient, organs and other functional departments as well as the nurses’ station, had an immediate effect:

4x efficiency: now transition to a level of tool support, professional operation and maintenance mode, operation and maintenance efficiency of at least 4 times.

Security does not leak: doctor, patient information and data centralized data center, centralized sharing, backup, management, the evolution of the chimney data to the cloud data platform, enterprise security solutions. Make sure to get a doctor’s intellectual security, privacy of patient information is not compromised.

Convenient experience: by TC (Thin Client), PAD and other models, access to personal desktop cloud to achieve anytime, anywhere landing personal desktop (support account, fingerprint, password, and other means).

Green energy: to achieve on-demand, flexible scheduling, IT resources to maximize the use of technology, compared to traditional desktop, TC mode desktop cloud can be reduced up to 70% of energy consumption. TC terminal fanless, ultra-quiet, upgrading health facilities medical environment.

Research vice president praised Liu guang zhen provinces, said: “Since the Huawei desktop cloud system on-line, so that we effectively workstations and nurses station management, greatly improving the efficiency of health care.” As the director of the Information Center, Guo Yu also points his voice: “We are a small information center staff, are often done before PC maintenance staff, for a total consideration of hospital information less, and now much of our human being freed up, have more energy to regulate and Dell KD476 Battery
of our hospital information system, real good information system will create system change from the auxiliary system to value. “At the same time, the previous PC run slower, more failures, so that doctors and nurses are quite helpless, and failure little thin terminals, service interruption, noise and so on so that they can better focus on their work, improve work efficiency.

Desktop brings the benefits of cloud has been revealed, the ultimate goal of building a cloud of existing office desktop not only research the provinces, the provinces will work together to study the deployment of Huawei’s desktop cloud terminal in the hospital, to adapt to the rapid development of the hospital information system requirements, with Shanxi Province Health system Health cloud building.

“Technology renaissance” era: BAT ultimately to tripolar differentiation

Wuzhen World Internet Conference is the official endorsement of “Huashan Mountain.” Big describe each stage he saw the future, it can be seen from three wealthy Chinese “Two Ma Li,” the speech among the three positioning has become increasingly differentiated, less parallel.

First, the start of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 “technology renaissance” era

China 2014 listing of the Internet giant to focus on the field of electricity providers, Ali, Jingdong, and the United States together. Although Ali has become the world’s largest electricity supplier companies, O2O other new concepts being touted in China, some people say China with the demographic dividend in the mobile Internet business has come to the front, but the future of science and technology is still too pale.

When people in Taobao sale of cheap goods, while retail consumer age and complacency, far on the other side of Europe and the mainstream who has been vigorously promoting the Industrial Revolution 4.0, intelligent hardware development is also in full swing, the mobile Internet is now not on the cusp of the popular focus. “With the listing of Alibaba, China’s Internet distribution, consumer, retail, communication industry has reached a climax, Batterie HP ProBook 6555b
is almost over.” Asia-Pacific investment banking at Deutsche Bank Chairman Cai Hongping in a foreign speech, said that when the very characteristics “Non reform dividend” after exhaustion, Chinese enterprises should reflect on today is, how can we catch up with the new wave of industrial revolution, which shares 4.0.

Industrial Revolution elaborated 4.0, following the application of the steam engine, large-scale production and electronic information technology and other three industrial revolution, mankind will usher in the physical integration of information systems (CPS), based on the production of a high degree of digitization, networking, machine self organizations as a symbol of the fourth industrial revolution. “Industry 4.0″ that intelligent production, which make full use of the Internet and 3D printing, networking, intelligent manufacturing and composite materials, new technology, with big data and artificial intelligence technology, raw materials, smart factories, logistics and distribution, consumer full weave together.

When Industry 4.0 arrives, consumers no longer need to Taobao such electronic channels, but to establish direct contact with the manufacturer to obtain cheaper goods.

After the mobile Internet matures, the full integration of the Internet and traditional industries, online and offline harmony, information technology and biotechnology, energy technology, cross-border integration of automation technology, Internet-based formula to the center of economic and sharing is becoming mainstream. After the “artificial intelligence” rapid development of machine learning with people will continue to replace human tasks, thinking, post ……

As the “singularity near the” author Raymond Kurzweil depicted, the world will soon usher in a “singularity”, the human brain is connected with the cloud, beyond the human machine, the new bio-technology allows humans to obtain immortality ability. A big wave of emerging technologies are ways to rise exponentially, after the steam engine, electricity and information technology, technology to change the world again.

Two, BAT from the past do anything to differentiate towards three poles differentiation

Titanium media published the article “Big expansion path from watching Internet services: a central, without borders” in my view is the previous BAT are working to penetrate their territory, three from the properties of a single business model is very clear Internet company, into a omnipotent, comprehensive Internet entity in each field will have the Batterie HP Pavilion dv4000
to get involved in the future will be a fierce battle in the three aspects of the business, investment and talent, their business without borders.

Look after year, BAT in their development has been consciously or unconsciously to their distinctive label affixed. Although we do at the moment is very similar to a lot of things, such as the combination of traditional industries, such as mergers and acquisitions crazy investment, such as in shouting “connection”, such as the layout of internet banking, big data, and other intelligent hardware possible outbreak of new business, but they gave himself promised a completely different future.

Baidu: Technical labels betting AI era

Li said in a speech Wuzhen Summit is the largest technological innovation.

Li thought it was a magical era, like giving birth to more than 90 young physicist Albert Einstein era, the whole world was enlightened. Now is the age of the Internet, giving business opportunity Baidu’s such a lot of volume. Baidu choice at numerous opportunities for the future re-injection technique down, especially in artificial intelligence, big data technologies. Of course, investment in technology is always better to be a significant transaction. Baidu billions of investment in technology will not necessarily return immediately, but people tend to underestimate the short focus technology has brought about change and the pace of development of technology, such as gene sequencing. “Accumulated technology is from quantitative to qualitative change, quantitative process if we ignore, then a qualitative change in the process, will be played by surprise.”

Whether from Li’s speech, or Baidu is doing, in terms of things to say, technology is the main direction of their efforts and a big label. Investment in new technology as the core of artificial intelligence, so Baidu an advantage at the time of the arrival of the singularity. 4.0 requires intelligent manufacturing industry, through large data mining user needs, intelligent hardware required capabilities of cloud computing and machine learning, after the mobile Internet era LBS need to map the physical world …… All of these are Baidu advantage. As the world’s Internet Conference in Li stressed, Baidu technical input coming just to make Baidu benefit, more is to let all of humanity, because of the development of the whole society to benefit from technology.

If the technology renaissance previously mentioned is true, the singularity of the upcoming era of smart, then Baidu bet on a treasure – painstaking technical deep, firm technical concept, in a way which seems to have been allowed to set foot on the industrial pioneers 4.0 road.

And Baidu to do now is to verify the correctness of this road before in the decades after, but also to go strong, is not troubled by the noise outside. After all this time we have to live in the moment.

Tencent: Connections tab weakening social and recreational properties

Tencent is essentially a social company – so it tends to be the subject of a template Facebook. But its core business model is entertainment, especially interactive entertainment (300,043, stock it), the outer is added and advertising. Since the world is being ushered in technology renaissance, after moving into the mobile Internet era, Tencent naturally unwilling to only an entertainment or social networking companies.

Ma speech for the first time clearly stated, “connector” concept. Tencent after connecting people, to try to connect people and things, things and things, people and services, such as some of the micro-channel public platform to do to connect with people and services.

Baidu strong man in connection with the service, traditional industries and the Internet connection, Ali connect businesses and consumers, and Tencent core capabilities, or perhaps that connect people itself, which is its strongest moat, if all of its operations are social relationships chain to carry around, the next Baidu, Batterie HP Pavilion dv9000
attempted any new business, Tencent still has a chance to enter.

Ali: commercial labels live in the moment trying to make money

Ma and Li talk about a lot of the future, Ma 40 minutes speech in opposite directions, do not talk about the future, but to everyone loved some of the “dry”, for example, how successful companies, entrepreneurs how to make money. There is no doubt the best eloquence Ma, you know what we like to hear. But relatively speaking, or a bit less romantic, a little more realistic.

Ma Li is a lot of ideas and odds. Ma believes should be very concerned, “the customer is using the product,” “we do any of the products and services, we must ask a question, your customer has no use?” If you follow this logic, it is unlikely as Baidu invested heavily in some not yet universal, being difficult to products and commercialization of new technology. After all, Ma is a businessman, and a shadow behind Ma and Li engineers still.

Ali is the most profitable Internet companies, through a series of mergers and acquisitions investment quickly making up, eventually becoming the largest market capitalization of Chinese Internet companies. Solve the issue of integrity, reconstruction of commercial civilization, is Ali’s core mission. If all directed at China’s Internet retail spending, holding the bargain, seeking easy attitude, this continues our future crises will be, of course, and I do not deny it, but after this step in the past, Chinese giants they should be seen and chased by a more long-term survival. From Ali Now it seems that it regards new technologies such as artificial intelligence, rarely mentioned outside than money this “event”, these technologies are too far away, full of patience needed, nor is its “interest.”

Think globally, different technology companies of the future is also a totally different attitude. Google is more willing to explore the future of intelligent, Larry Page has definitions are Google’s artificial intelligence company; Amazon in intelligent warehouses, UAV delivery, delivery forecasting technology has taken a step; Apple also continue to innovate their products. These three technology companies have a common label is attached great importance to technological innovation. With the technology renaissance era, companies have already prepared more “harvest.”

Jingdong 11.11 big promotion sales hot

Jingdong Mall 11.11 whole category of large pro in November 11 entered the climax, November 11 0: 00-16: 00, orders Jingdong Mall is 2.3 times last year. 12:49, day trading volume has reached Jingdong Mall last November 11 the day of the transaction amount. Mobile terminals (including mobile clients Jingdong, Jingdong Jingdong micro-channel shopping and mobile QQ shopping, etc.) orders grew rapidly, accounting for the proportion of total orders up 40%.
Data show that, on November 11 0: 00-16: 00 period, Kingston memory cards, Kao diapers and TP-LINK router to become the most popular commodity Jingdong users. “Mobile phone”, “washing machine” and “winter dress” has become the hottest search terms the user, including “mobile” search more than 1.4 million times. Jingdong open platform shop selling top three were “Antarctica official flagship store brand”, “three squirrels official flagship store” and “seven wolves Knitting flagship store.”
Other sales highlights include:
Daily: Alcohol orders is 6 times last year, which means crystal Wuliangye sales outstanding, Bordeaux red wine sales Shangbei Long a container; food orders is 4.7 times last year, Batterie MSI BTY-M44
, grain outstanding is 10 times over the same period last year and eight times; personal care order volume was 3.5 times last year; orders mother is more than three times last year.
Clothing category: strong growth in 11.11 the same day, orders more than three times last year. Mobile end outstanding, of which men and women clothing and footwear merchandise mobile terminal sales accounted for nearly six times last year. As of 16:00, apparel and footwear products sold last year, a day for men and women to reach nearly five times the number of sales.
Phone: Strong growth in Huawei glory; Apple iPhone 5s 16G version November 10 compared to growth of about 10 times; Samsung Galaxy Note4 phone compared to 10 November increased by 37 times; hammer Smartisan T1 4G phones increase compared to November 10 about 7 times.
Appliances: TV sales approaching three times last year, including smart TV sales are five times last year, 4K TVs accounted for more than 30% raised to; air conditioning overall sales for the three times last year, which accounted for 60% of inverter air conditioner ; refrigerator, washing machine, smoke stoves, water heaters and other large appliances sales are nearly four times last year, on the door and multi-door refrigerators accounted for more than 30%, accounting for nearly 60 percent drum washing machine, high-end trend evident. More than 2,000 high-end gas water heaters accounted for more than 60%, with the boss, party too and other high-end brands, represented by three-piece kitchen stove smoke, embedded kitchen appliances, dishwashers, and Batterie MSI MS1722
is particularly evident.
IT Digital: As at 16:00 on the 11th, the day of sale displays are six times last year; Jingdong i7 game this volume is 6 times normal; Xbox far sold more than ten million; self somatosensory car, wheelbarrow sales increase compared with the usual 10 times; the memory card sales exceeded 500,000, the success of 50 million units of mobile phones and digital cameras expansion, equivalent to 1.6 billion 10M storing photos; copy paper sold 100,000 boxes, piled to have 30 Burj Dubai.
Flash sales: Brand Deals mode by users, flash purchase orders is six times the usual amount. Warm anomaly popular class, Antarctic, thermal underwear Beiji Rong occupy half. Shoes, the snow boots sales are more than five times on weekdays; the brand: sports and outdoor footwear category champion, Adidas, Nike, Kappa, Converse lead, Belle footwear increased by 3 times, Anna Rich textile data simultaneously reached weekdays 10 times the segment sales.
Book: “A man’s pilgrimage”, “Hundred Years of Solitude” and “The Batterie MSI BTY-M68
” continues to lead the book sales, children books sales surge, reaching seven times the usual volume. Strong growth in comics, including “Collection Three Kingdoms comic”, “Yue Fei” growing rapidly. Good economic performance books, is about three times the usual sales growth, “explained finance”, “21st Century Das Kapital” and “cross-border: open Internet and traditional industries to incorporate new trends’ three books particularly prominent.

PSD can be pinched back sliding door handle emergency self-help

Recently, the Beijing subway accident, a female passenger was sandwiched between the door and the screen door, opened the rear passenger train was seriously injured, was killed after the hospital. In recent days, Shanghai people talking about this issue – we encountered a similar problem in the end how to dispose of? Yesterday, the reporter after a safety device Shanghai Metro Platform Screen Doors visits found that every fan behind Shanghai Metro Platform Screen Doors are fitted with an emergency handle, once the passenger is sandwiched between the screen door and the train, as long as the emergency handle lateral pull, will be able to quickly open the screen door.

The door can loosen the grip safety of passengers three times

Currently the city’s underground subway stations are installed screen door or security gate. Some stations according to their design features, the installation of a meter high security gates. Line 2 is the case, and the 1st line, the 10th lines, using different screen door closed, the door security doors on the 2nd line is not capped by a tambour door and fixed two parts, active door height 1.2 m, fixed door height 1.3 m. Dell Alienware M17X R1 Battery
can move around, and fixed the door to form a whole; tambour usually closed after a train stop, with the door open, active door will slowly open.

If the safety door automatic system fails, the passenger train emergency door can be opened within the device, use the manual switch to open the door. Once the safety of passengers or objects goalkeeper grip, safety gates can release at least three times. Before the train left the station, security goalkeeper before the first closing train doors closed, avoid crowded passenger car clamped.

Screen Door clip multiple channels to rescue people

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the Metro Line 4 Shanghai Stadium Station site, found a keyhole on the screen door. Station staff told reporters that the keyhole is dedicated to station staff to use, in the case of screen door clip human, SOs with a spare key into the keyhole, you can quickly open the screen door, will be sandwiched passengers rescued.

Passengers Once caught, its also out of the woods. Behind the screen door, which is prominently passengers from being caught on the side of the screen door there is an emergency handle, next to the words “in case of emergency, according to the direction of the arrow rotating handle, opened the door to the right..” Under the help of station staff, reporters tried it and found that as long as the general of the air force will be able to open the screen door by a wrench to escape in time.

Meanwhile, the people inside the car can also rescued the passengers in distress. Subway clip person of recent events in Beijing, there is a passenger train stopped unsuccessful attempt, while the passenger compartment door hard shot, caught trying to help the passengers, in fact, these two actions are not the most appropriate approach.

In this case, the passenger compartment should be the first time pulled the emergency stop handle inside in order to prevent the Train. Just next door inside the device for red, comes Caption: “1, emergency remove the protective cover; 2, according to the direction of the arrow rotate the handle; 3, parking, open the door.”

“Passengers on the one hand to be caught pulling the emergency handle to open the screen door to escape, while also calling for help or support with gestures to other passengers, to help escape.” Station staff also said that if there are passengers from being caught, it will immediately inform the driver members do not start the train, Dell Alienware M11x Battery
will promptly take measures to quickly open the screen door.

Yesterday, the reporter in some stations 1,2,3,4 lines observed, whenever you want to start before a train, station staff will be aloft in the hands of the driver waving flags, standing outside the driver’s cab must wait SOs issue, said the circumstances of the normal semaphore to start the train into the cab, this approach also guarantees the safety of passengers to a certain extent.

Shanghai Metro said yesterday, this Beijing subway passengers killed in the accident was not because of “grab door” caused the tragedy at present no way of knowing, but we should learn a lesson from this tragedy – Train buzzer, indicating that the train is about to close, At this point we must stop the passengers get off the action, not the hard-line red door. “Only one life, the subway will come May the tragedy is not repeated.” Shanghai Metro spokesman said.

Infrared detector on the screen door

Seven years ago, Shanghai Metro Platform Screen Doors clip human tragedy has occurred. At 15:34 on July 15, 2007, Shanghai Metro Line 1 Shanghai Stadium Station, a man in the door has begun to close the case of alarm, trying to force into the cars, the result is sandwiched between the screen door and the door, after the train started, the man dropped the site killed on the spot.

At that time, in order to avoid a tragedy from happening again, Line 1 Shanghai Stadium Station unidirectional side screen door was the first to install an infrared detector, once a passenger is sandwiched between the train door and the screen door, detection devices will be able immediately to train drivers alarm, start signal terminates, the train will automatically be cut off due to power system fails to start, but after receiving the alarm monitoring center will take appropriate measures to avoid personal injury.

Currently, infrared detectors have been installed in place at the Shanghai Full screen door. Position detector gap in the door and the screen door left and right sides. After the train doors and platform screen doors fully closed, provided on both sides of the infrared curtain detector will automatically emit infrared light curtains form a barrier, if the foreign body is sandwiched between two doors blocking the light curtain, the detector will The first time an alarm.

Metro Security promo loop

“Not just pull the emergency handle, otherwise it will bear legal responsibility,” which is familiar subway warnings, but what circumstances should pull down the emergency handle, many passengers still doubts this. Reporters yesterday in the 2nd, the 3rd Line subway station to see the latest version of Shanghai Metro Safety Series promo has “attention pinch articles” made a special episode where, in the subway station and train car television repeatedly broadcast. Which clearly told that if the folder after the train doors closed screen door man, the car started again, passengers pulled the emergency brake the car as soon as possible within the handle, such a “wind up” behavior is not only correct, but also to give praise.

Videos also showed a cartoon character as a passenger, “Chang Chang” in the screen door off the car and hurried moment the door is jammed, the train immediately want to start, Urgent, at this time, “Chang Chang” told everyone that this situation can be pulled the emergency brake, then the passengers rescued.

“When I saw videos, I finally how to dispose of special circumstances have an intuitive understanding, hoping to escape to other metro areas of knowledge but also through the screen to explain.” Passenger Liu said. Reporters noted that, in fact, this promo other content, such as if a fire inside the train car travels, the film has a fire extinguisher inside the display, showing the four proper use of fire extinguishers legend. Detailed videos each episode are the sudden stop or ride in a time, each episode is controlled within 20 seconds, passengers use the station waiting a few minutes, or in the Dell Alienware M15x Battery
a short residence time can be learned practical knowledge.

Shanghai Metro Again, morning and evening peak hours, some passengers often closed rang Shihai rushed to the car, it was even hard clawed the imminent closure of the door, doing so is extremely prone to passengers caught, for their own safety and must not insist forcing carriages.

[Occurrence passengers caught screen door how do]

There is a keyhole dedicated to station staff on the use of a screen door, screen door folder in case human, SOs with a spare key into the keyhole, you can quickly open the screen door.

2 behind the screen door, which is prominently passengers from being caught on the side of the screen door there is an emergency handle (on the left), next to the words “in case of emergency, according to the direction of the arrow rotating handle, opened the door to the right.” . Reporter trial found that, as long as the general of the air force will be able to open the screen door.

3 passenger compartments should first pulled the emergency stop handle compartments (upper right), blocked Train. Just next door inside the device for red, comes Caption: “1, emergency remove the protective cover; 2, according to the direction of the arrow rotate the handle; 3, parking, open the door.”

Millet Q3 global shipments of 17.3 million surge in third twice

Research firm IDC released the third quarter of the global smart phone shipments tracking reports, according to the report, the third quarter of the global shipments of smart machines 327.6 million, an increase of 25.2%, 8.7% qoq.

Samsung smart machine third quarter shipments 78.1 million, down 8.2%, the market share of 23.8%, compared to 85 million, a market share of 32.5%. Batterie ASUS N71JV
is the only top five vendors appear shipments fell vendors.

Apple mobile phone shipments in the third quarter, 39.3 million, up by 16.1 percent market share of 12.0%, compared to 33.8 million, a market share of 12.9%.

IDC said, iPhone 6 listed to Apple’s mobile phone sales is a big boost, but can not be ignored is that, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C still has a strong market demand, but also accounted for the two older models of Apple first three quarters of the main part of the shipments.

Millet mobile phone shipments in the third quarter of 17.3 million, an increase of 211.3%, the market share of 5.3%, compared to 5.6 million, a market share of 2.1%.

IDC, millet for the first time into the top five of the column, and the shipments reached triple-digit percentage growth, which is mainly due millet four mobile phone market in August.

Lenovo intelligent machines in the third quarter shipments 16.9 million, an increase of 38 percent market share of 5.2%, compared to 12.3 million, a market share of 4.7%.

IDC, Lenovo Mobile has the growth in China’s domestic and overseas sales, priced below $ 100 and A316 A369i two models are very popular in the Batterie ASUS X72

, Asia and Africa.

LG intelligent machines in the third quarter shipments 16.8 million, up by 39.8 percent market share of 5.1%, compared to 12 million, compared to 4.6 percent.

IDC said, LG open market with low-cost handsets efforts finally paid off in the third quarter of the total shipments exceeded 15 million, which is the Batterie ASUS K70IJ
‘s history for the first time in a single quarter shipments exceeded 15 million.

Other intelligent machines in the third quarter shipments 159.2 million, up by 40.8 percent market share of 48.6%, compared to 113 million, a market share of 43.2%.

SAIC joint research and development with Alibaba Internet car

On 2014AWDC Ali cloud developer conference a few days ago, and Ali Baba YunOS 3.0 conference, SAIC (600,104, stock it) Zhang Xin Quan, executive director of Information Systems Department revealed that joint R & D with Alibaba in the use YunOS operating system, and will integrate Ali Ali’s cloud computing, high German navigation, communications and other applications Ali resources. The car will be two years after the launch.

Zhang Xin, he said, “has now entered a more software-defined performance car era, the car, the service will be implemented by the software if you do not study the operating system that does not want to talk about a wedding in love. Collaboration with Ali , so that Batterie ASUS N71JV
get a system capable of self-control operation, according to the characteristics of the vehicle, environment and needs of users for customized, more importantly, it is sufficiently safe and reliable. ”

It is reported that, as early as July this year, SAIC Group and Alibaba Group in Shanghai signed a “” strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will actively carry out “cooperation and related fields of Batterie ASUS X72
services, work together to build for the future,” the “,” and its ecosystem.

YunOS by Alibaba Group in July 2011 officially launched the smartphone operating system. At present, it has been widely used in the Pan-intelligent hardware end phones, Batterie ASUS K70IJ
, cars and wearable devices.