Mobile 4 g in the Hong Kong RMB 68 set meal seven “hidden rules”

Recently, the China mobile Hong Kong company “fate” of the package once again become a hot topic in the Internet. Hk $68 (about RMB 54) package content is: 1700 minutes, 10000 text messages, unlimited access to the Internet traffic. And approximate prices in mainland China mobile is 58 yuan package content: 350 minutes, 10 MB. Such internal and external different service policy caused a huge controversy, mainland users questioned: “are we the living standards of the 100 times higher than Hong Kong?” What is the true character of the so-called RMB 68 set meal? Netizen mouth of price of “playing god” what are the factors behind again?


In mobile 68 yuan package seven “hidden rules” :


(a) the actual price is hk $80 package. Because the use of the package must pay hk $12 a month MTR, tunnels, mobile phone service licence and administration fee.


(2) to enjoy the meal, must use package signed commitment for at least a year, and has chosen the original discount or during the contract have more preferential measures, the customer can’t change the package.


Calls, (3) the package contains flow or SMS is limited to local, clearance fee separately, clearance is according to the international roaming charges. Charges according to the China international roaming 1/2/3 yuan (RMB), area, average rates of Hong Kong international roaming is nearly 10 times the level of mainland China mobile user charges.


(4) the package of local data transmission is the fastest speed of 384 KBPS per second. The speed was only China mobile Hong Kong company’s 3 g is the largest 42 MBPS transmission rate of 1%.


(5) the package flow cannot be used in the network share and P2P function, can’t be a server, can only be used his mobile phone.


(6) package flow cannot be used to display more than 7 inches of the device, which can not use a laptop computer, also cannot use pad.


(7) 10000 text messages do not contain across network SMS, hk $0.6 a across the net text messages. Hong Kong mainstream operators have five, to enjoy free, must ensure that send object on the same network with you.


Above all, China mobile Hong Kong 68 yuan package is suitable for low data requirements, few customers clearance, is China mobile Hong Kong company in 4 g launch after making a special marketing initiatives.


What are the different mobile in a dual policy:


Charges inside and outside


China mobile launched 4 g in the mainland to fly at meal, 138 – yuan package contains 600 m data traffic in the United States and 500 minutes of domestic calling minutes; 238 yuan package contains 1 g of domestic data traffic and 1000 minutes of domestic calling minutes; 388 yuan package contains 2 g data traffic in the United States and the domestic calling minutes in 2000 minutes.


From that, the same 100 yuan of set meal consumption, China mobile Hong Kong 4 gigabytes of data flow is almost twice the mainland, more than three times the duration of the mainland, and to deal with the package of 200 yuan or more users, and enjoy more big gap between the traffic and phone services.


In addition, China mobile data traffic in different provinces in the mainland package, for use in the mainland, only do not include Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. And some media pointed out that China mobile has launched a special services in Hong Kong, whether it is 1 g or 5 g package flow, all can be used to share in Hong Kong and the mainland.

Sina weibo listed how to listen to Mr. Chao said: Sina weibo is ignored in the past the portal

On the evening of April 17, sina weibo finally landed on the nasdaq, bell, sina CEO Charles chao, sina weibo chairman the domestic media interview, talking about sina weibo and sina portal strategy in the future.

Specific include:

1. Dilution does not cause out of control.

From equity relationships, Chargeur HP Pavilion zd7000 don’t have much qualitative change. Listed before, sina occupies about 70% of the equity, after diluted to more than 50%. Look from the mass, weibo or sina control unit, has absolute control and the right to vote.

2. Weibo and portal will not have business conflict.

Charles chao said that sina weibo after listed, from organization structure and business itself, as well as financial and legal are more independent. Sina is separated from Chargeur HP Pavilion dv9000 has put much of its business, including product development, sales system, market system and operation, etc.

(3) is ignored in the past business portal.

Charles chao said that over the past few years, sina, effort, and most of the time income into the microblog business, portal than in the past two years is not enough.

Sina weibo after listed, will reorganize sina development plans, there are three directions: more mobile, more video, the more distance, which represents many screen, video multimedia mobile strategy.

4. Micro parallel development of Chargeur HP Pavilion dv5-1010ef on and on.

Charles chao said that weibo more and more into a pure social media, is an open platform, with interest dimension formation of the social network; Micro letter is private platform, make more effective communication between friends and sharing. User demand for the two products are different, the two products have good development in the future.

Listing 5. Bad timing.

Charles chao said weibo price $17, eventually reason is that the current market environment is not particularly good.

Cao said in a recent period of time, the U.S. IPO market, especially the high-tech stock market, there is a big adjustment.

6. Ali weibo will make the closed loop system based on mobile payment.

Chao said ali contribution not only to bring many to monetize weibo ability, more important is the marketing service system and the system of social business on mobile.

Weibo and ali has released a mobile payment system, Mr. Chao said, relying on the system, weibo have been trying to build marketing and trading system.

Korean media said LG will exclusively provide flexible displays for Apple iWatch

Apple plans to sell this year, about 9 million iWatch. The site also seems to confirm this product Apple will have different dimensions.
This message is also evidence from one side of the KGI (KGI Securities) analyst Kuo Ming- Chi (Ming-Chi Kuo) recent iWatch product analysis report.
Kuo Ming- Chi said , iWatch will be available in two models , namely, 1.3 inches and 1.5 -inch display , which will be equipped with a flexible panel (Flexible AMOLED), as well as a sapphire in the outer panel for protection. Batterie Dell KM742 also believes Apple configuration of this product because there are differences between different price , the price of its high-end models will be up to thousands of dollars.
Kuo Ming- Chi expect Apple products in the sales this year will be 5.5 million , for the 50 million sales next year .
Earlier reports said , iWatch will configure a variety of sensors, the user ‘s health condition monitoring. In addition, Apple is likely to add a special Healthbook in Batterie Dell 312-1381
operating system in order to collect relevant data. This series of unconfirmed broke so analysts hinted that , iWatch may be some health insurance companies subsidies.
At the same time , LG is also developing its smart watch products G Watch, the product will be available later this year on sale in major markets . While it is rumored LG will become the main provider of iWatch display , but according to their published pictures of related products , the Batterie Dell Latitude D420
itself has not been in its surface using the Android operating system products based on the watch display .

Kaspersky : XP system continues to protect the safe operation

Since April 8, 2014 , Microsoft officially stopped technical support and security updates for WindowsXP operating system. WindowsXP system whereby the foot “retired” a perilous road . In China , XP system has hundreds of millions of akku HP Pavilion dv7-6007sg . Although Microsoft had previously issued several WindowsXP system will ” retire ” notice , most users still stick to the system. For 12 years this has been the use of the operating system , one is sorry to see the majority of users , on the other hand they also will face security risks hesitates .

In order to protect the safety of all of the XP systems can run Kaspersky Lab XP system for the country launched a complimentary individual users Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 activities. The majority of users simply log on to the official website or activities Kaspersky URL, enter your personal e -mail can receive the activation code .

Microsoft stopped support for XP system , which means the system for security updates , non-security hotfixes , free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates , will no longer provide all . XP systems support these services akku HP MU09XL lost , is equivalent to completely open to cyber attacks. If the application vendors have also stopped development for application updates WindowsXP system , which will become increasingly serious security problems .

Despite the continued use of the system , there are many security risks XP , Internet consumer research center survey data show that in China about 200 million XP users , there are still Liu Cheng said it would stick to XP.

Some business users may want to consider migrating to a newer version of the operating system . However , in addition to spending the migration of the system itself , the migration to the new system often also implies the need to buy new software, and even software developed specifically for replacing ( if the new system is not compatible with the software, then ) . For any business , it is not a small overhead. As a result, many companies still choose to continue to use WindowsXP system .

Not all security software can provide secure protection

For still stick to XP system users are concerned, an efficient security software has become a must to maintain the safe operation of the system . The real anti-virus software should be a use of active defense technology against new, unknown threats, have anti- exploit features comprehensive network security products. However, some rely on signature-based scanning methods to detect known malware based on the degree of anti-virus software are many , not enough to provide security protection.

This time, Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Anti-Virus for the national XP system provides individual users with real-time protection and free akku HP TouchSmart tx2-1099eg anti-phishing capabilities to help XP system against the latest viruses , spyware and more online threats , and also proactively detect unknown malware , fast security check , check security documents and websites. In addition, its automated vulnerability intrusion prevention feature ensures that your computer will not be infected by vulnerabilities . Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 also prompted Web links reputation information , it has avoided the computer is locked screen software Trojan locked. With such a powerful Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 is undoubtedly the majority of WindowsXP users the best choice.

Apple’s iTunes in big trouble : a sharp decline in music sales

Apple’s iTunes music service in trouble. Although the content and application downloads the App Store last quarter increased 19 percent to $ 4.4 billion , but it was a sharp decline in music sales. Music sites Billboard reports that in recent months the iTunes music downloads fell by 15 %. At the same time , Pandora, iHeartRadio and Spotify and many other subscription-based music service has been successful in mainstream channels .
Last September, Apple launched iTunes Radio music streaming service , on the one hand against these few companies , on the other hand allows users to recommend the purchase of a song, and then drive sales growth. Unfortunately, the service did not improve downloads. Billboard news shows , only 1 % to 2 % of users buy songs via iTunes Radio .
Record company executives hope Apple dramatically reform the music business to better meet changing user consumption habits , even suggested that Apple launched a paid subscription service . Earlier reports said that Apple has begun to consider working to enhance the usage of iTunes Radio Service , including its spin-off iOS 8 system is a standalone application .
However, one of the most strategic changes made ​​in recent months , Apple iTunes should be brought to the Android platform.
This will be the apple of the fastest growing business to the fastest growing software platform. Billboard initiatives this theory compared with 2003 iTunes Steve Jobs will bring Windows platform, but there is a huge difference between the two : iTunes stationed Windows help Apple sell in huge Windows ecosystem iPod Music player .
Apple’s goal is to create a service to make their hardware more useful to promote more hardware sales. ITunes will bring the Android platform to make Google ( microblogging ) platform more valuable , but does not give any reason to buy Apple ‘s hardware to increase .
Despite Apple’s content business is growing rapidly, but the Apple iPhone is the real ” cash cow .” Apple iTunes will bring the greatest competitive platform needed to make a huge change, but Apple is a company tend to change slightly .
This year we may see separate iTunes Radio application , you may also see Apple paid music subscription service , but the Android version of iTunes may only be a concept.

NetEase cloud music to help out F1 Chinese Grand Prix

Recently, the latest news from Netease cloud music portrait NetEase cloud music will help 2014 F1 Chinese race. F1 Chinese Grand Prix to enter China for eleven years , the growing popularity of the domestic car culture , more and more brands have joined this musical feast of speed . It is reported that this year’s F1 Chinese race , NetEase cloud music for the majority of riders will bring a passion for racing and music intertwined feast on a crazy game.

The GT Show will cooperate with NetEase cloud music , the music combined with the charm of the car to the limit , detonated F1 Shanghai station stadium. As a combination of fashion and entertainment and technology concepts Music , NetEase cloud HP EliteBook 2540p hinge to the audience provides a variety of experiential activities . NetEase cloud music is not only the product experience itself , so that the audience can feel the most personalized music appreciation ideas , more built-in client’s cloud music Netease modified cars , viewers can personally into the car, drive and experience the thrill of music brings the double .

NetEase cloud music song list feature provides a ” driving” this particular scene , containing hundreds of high quality suitable for driving while listening to the song list , from music and car companion , the driver will no longer be alone. In HP Pavilion g7-2250nr hinge , from April 18 to April 20 at the F1 Shanghai station site , NetEase cloud music stage will be invited to a rock band to perform, a different kind of visual and auditory experience , invite you to enjoy !

Of more concern is that NetEase cloud music passion has been sent in advance of the opening show for the fans feast of friends, HP Pavilion dv2 hinge activities “crazy crazy music arena ” officially opened in April . Share F1 single song stand a chance to win the value of 1180 yuan Shanghai tickets , even sent 10 days ! Million copies of a gift is more mysterious stop .

Samsung’s flagship weak first-quarter profit is expected to fall by 4.3% year on year

Samsung Electronics said on Tuesday , due to a slowdown in smartphone sales growth continued to put pressure on revenues , the company’s net profit will decline for the second consecutive quarter.
Samsung Electronics expects first-quarter operating profit of 8.4 trillion won ( about 49.5 billion yuan ) , down 4.3%. Previously, Thomson Reuters I / B / E / S survey of 40 analysts shows that Samsung’s first -quarter operating profit they give an average of 8.5 trillion won .
As the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer , Samsung has launched a next-generation flagship Batterie HP ProBook 6555b

Global Offering will be conducted on Friday .
While the phone is already on sale in its native South Korea , but did not start smoothly. Misfortunes never come singly , Galaxy S5 Offer also hit three operators in Korea suffered short-term mobile phone sales ban. Due to the lack of eye-catching new features , the phone also suffered some degree of criticism.
Faced with this adverse situation , the Samsung S5 initiative to reduce the price , the current S5 prices 10% lower than the S4 . In addition, in order to maintain stable margins , Samsung also reduced marketing efforts .
Analysts said Samsung is trying to control the phone component costs and attract more consumers. While these efforts are critical , but the Batterie HP Pavilion dv2799ef
will likely have to face the coming year net profit fell nearly three years the situation .
Securities Korea Investment & Securities analyst Seo Won-seok think , to compensate for a poor start to the S5 , Samsung likely will focus on the more inexpensive models and many types of products.
HMC Securities brokerage analyst Greg • Lo (Greg Roh) , said: “In order to achieve additional growth , Samsung this year have to do is to reduce costs and to reduce marketing spending in a way, if not to improve the internal efficiency of Samsung , its . the revenue decline is inevitable . ”
Samsung expects its first-quarter sales of 53 trillion won , less than market estimate of 54.58 trillion won . Batterie HP Pavilion dv6-1325sf ‘s first-quarter earnings are likely to announce complete before April 25 .

Ctrip will launch a $600 million stock repurchase plan

On April 3, according to foreign media reports, ctrip (nasdaq: CTRP) today announced that its board of directors has approved a new back stock plan. According to the plan, Chargeur COMPAQ Presario CQ61-407SF is likely to buy back up to $600 million of American depositary shares (ADS).

Allegedly, ctrip will use the Chargeur COMPAQ Presario CQ71-414SF company’s existing cash balance to pay for the planned to buy back shares, including the operating activities cash income from 2012 and 2013 issue of the convertible bonds is access to cash receipts, etc.

The stock repurchase plan will, in accordance with Chargeur COMPAQ Mini CQ10-410SF market conditions, in the open market, in order to better than market price, or negotiate a way to trade, the deal still needs to accord with the U.S. securities and exchange act of 1934 related Rule or Rule 10 10 b5-1 b – 18 and other similar terms.

Illegal website ” Chinese Lian Zhengwang ” posing as reporters fraud petitioners

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 2 – Combat extortion and false news news special action is being carried out across the country , the 2nd National “pornography” Office and the China Journalists Association announced to the public from 14 network HP Pavilion dv6000 hinge extortion and fabricating false news spread typical case .

The network announced the news spread false news extortion and fabricate cases are: Shanxi Xinzhou City寇某某fake “Western Independent monitoring network ” reporter implementation of extortion ; January this year, a high- five people set up ” Chinese Lian Zhengwang ” ” China County Network ” two illegal websites , posing as reporters fraud petitioners ; Chung Xuzhou last August , four people in a kangaroo ” Today focus network “in the country of extortion ; HP Pavilion dv5 hinge November, a number of media and news client the official micro-Bo ” 2014 holiday arrangements timetable ” false news ; last March “Legal Evening News ” published “season home” theft ” case against the defendant ” not guilty ” ,” false news on its website .

Central Propaganda Department and other 9 departments said that to continue to combat extortion and false news network news cases in the country , units and individuals interviewed If problems are found , you can report it in the first time . Press and Publication Administration of HP Pavilion DV1000 hinge , telephone hotlines, special operations , 010 010 -65,212,870 -65,212,787 ; National Internet Information Office reported Tel: 12377 ; National ” pornography” Office report telephone : 12390 ; China Journalists Association ‘s report telephone 010 -58262800 .

Microsoft joins fight cloud storage prices plummeted two-thirds

Google and Amazon cloud computing products before set off a scramble in the price war . Cloud computing is another big player Microsoft , apparently sit still. March 31 , Microsoft announced Azure cloud computing products will be implemented substantial price cuts , the highest decline of cloud storage , up to two-thirds.
In cloud computing , Amazon is now in absolute advantage. From April 1 start , Amazon will implement the new pricing policy. Microsoft has announced that from May 1 to start a comprehensive cloud computing to lower the price of each product .
Microsoft announced the lease computing resources (equivalent to renting a server processor to complete business processes ) price will be reduced by 27% to 35%. Cloud Storage ( domestic commonly known as ” network drive ” ) prices will come down by 44% to 65% , a decline of attention.
In addition, the relatively large memory consumption calculation example Linux , Microsoft announced price cuts of 35% , calculated for Windows instances , price cut of 27%.
Prices in the cloud , Microsoft has been implementing a policy to follow up the Amazon . Last year in April , a Microsoft executive has said that in the general cloud computing services ( including computing resources, storage , access bandwidth ) , Microsoft will be glued to the Amazon AWS price.
Microsoft’s official website lists the specific cloud computing a new pricing system for business users query.
In addition to the price adjustment , Microsoft also announced that future standards will perform different prices in different countries and regions. According to reports, Microsoft is currently in the U.S., Asia and Europe are running with a cloud computing standard price , but differ in the Japanese market .
In the future , depending on the location of the data center cloud computing , Microsoft will perform different price levels. In Asia, for example , after the price cuts , the price of renting a server processor about 2-3 cents per hour .
In addition, the opportunity for Microsoft by price adjustments , cloud computing product line has been modified , the new “standard” grade called “basic” computing resources leasing services , product positioning slightly lower than , the “basic” level cheap prices about three percent .
Prior to Microsoft, Amazon and Google launched a price war to be outdone , Amazon first price adjustment, Google followed up , and then the Amazon price adjustment again. In this adjustment , the price decline in the Amazon cloud storage is about half of other products fell between two 50-60% .
IT services in the enterprise , Google and Microsoft product line of many , and Amazon will concentrate all resources on cloud computing , is now far ahead. According to Gartner, the global cloud computing market last year, the capacity has reached 131 billion U.S. dollars , Amazon products, computing power, is the other 14 competitors and five times as much.
The so-called cloud computing, is to abandon the traditional business users buy servers, building a room , building a model of internal business systems , in turn connected through a broadband network , leasing cloud computing service provider’s server computing, storage , applications and other resources, greatly reducing IT system operating costs. The most famous case is Netflix, this copyrighted video giant, all background services rely entirely on Amazon, no own web server or data center.