Jingdong 11.11 big promotion sales hot

Jingdong Mall 11.11 whole category of large pro in November 11 entered the climax, November 11 0: 00-16: 00, orders Jingdong Mall is 2.3 times last year. 12:49, day trading volume has reached Jingdong Mall last November 11 the day of the transaction amount. Mobile terminals (including mobile clients Jingdong, Jingdong Jingdong micro-channel shopping and mobile QQ shopping, etc.) orders grew rapidly, accounting for the proportion of total orders up 40%.
Data show that, on November 11 0: 00-16: 00 period, Kingston memory cards, Kao diapers and TP-LINK router to become the most popular commodity Jingdong users. “Mobile phone”, “washing machine” and “winter dress” has become the hottest search terms the user, including “mobile” search more than 1.4 million times. Jingdong open platform shop selling top three were “Antarctica official flagship store brand”, “three squirrels official flagship store” and “seven wolves Knitting flagship store.”
Other sales highlights include:
Daily: Alcohol orders is 6 times last year, which means crystal Wuliangye sales outstanding, Bordeaux red wine sales Shangbei Long a container; food orders is 4.7 times last year, Batterie MSI BTY-M44
, grain outstanding is 10 times over the same period last year and eight times; personal care order volume was 3.5 times last year; orders mother is more than three times last year.
Clothing category: strong growth in 11.11 the same day, orders more than three times last year. Mobile end outstanding, of which men and women clothing and footwear merchandise mobile terminal sales accounted for nearly six times last year. As of 16:00, apparel and footwear products sold last year, a day for men and women to reach nearly five times the number of sales.
Phone: Strong growth in Huawei glory; Apple iPhone 5s 16G version November 10 compared to growth of about 10 times; Samsung Galaxy Note4 phone compared to 10 November increased by 37 times; hammer Smartisan T1 4G phones increase compared to November 10 about 7 times.
Appliances: TV sales approaching three times last year, including smart TV sales are five times last year, 4K TVs accounted for more than 30% raised to; air conditioning overall sales for the three times last year, which accounted for 60% of inverter air conditioner ; refrigerator, washing machine, smoke stoves, water heaters and other large appliances sales are nearly four times last year, on the door and multi-door refrigerators accounted for more than 30%, accounting for nearly 60 percent drum washing machine, high-end trend evident. More than 2,000 high-end gas water heaters accounted for more than 60%, with the boss, party too and other high-end brands, represented by three-piece kitchen stove smoke, embedded kitchen appliances, dishwashers, and Batterie MSI MS1722
is particularly evident.
IT Digital: As at 16:00 on the 11th, the day of sale displays are six times last year; Jingdong i7 game this volume is 6 times normal; Xbox far sold more than ten million; self somatosensory car, wheelbarrow sales increase compared with the usual 10 times; the memory card sales exceeded 500,000, the success of 50 million units of mobile phones and digital cameras expansion, equivalent to 1.6 billion 10M storing photos; copy paper sold 100,000 boxes, piled to have 30 Burj Dubai.
Flash sales: Brand Deals mode by users, flash purchase orders is six times the usual amount. Warm anomaly popular class, Antarctic, thermal underwear Beiji Rong occupy half. Shoes, the snow boots sales are more than five times on weekdays; the brand: sports and outdoor footwear category champion, Adidas, Nike, Kappa, Converse lead, Belle footwear increased by 3 times, Anna Rich textile data simultaneously reached weekdays 10 times the segment sales.
Book: “A man’s pilgrimage”, “Hundred Years of Solitude” and “The Batterie MSI BTY-M68
” continues to lead the book sales, children books sales surge, reaching seven times the usual volume. Strong growth in comics, including “Collection Three Kingdoms comic”, “Yue Fei” growing rapidly. Good economic performance books, is about three times the usual sales growth, “explained finance”, “21st Century Das Kapital” and “cross-border: open Internet and traditional industries to incorporate new trends’ three books particularly prominent.

PSD can be pinched back sliding door handle emergency self-help

Recently, the Beijing subway accident, a female passenger was sandwiched between the door and the screen door, opened the rear passenger train was seriously injured, was killed after the hospital. In recent days, Shanghai people talking about this issue – we encountered a similar problem in the end how to dispose of? Yesterday, the reporter after a safety device Shanghai Metro Platform Screen Doors visits found that every fan behind Shanghai Metro Platform Screen Doors are fitted with an emergency handle, once the passenger is sandwiched between the screen door and the train, as long as the emergency handle lateral pull, will be able to quickly open the screen door.

The door can loosen the grip safety of passengers three times

Currently the city’s underground subway stations are installed screen door or security gate. Some stations according to their design features, the installation of a meter high security gates. Line 2 is the case, and the 1st line, the 10th lines, using different screen door closed, the door security doors on the 2nd line is not capped by a tambour door and fixed two parts, active door height 1.2 m, fixed door height 1.3 m. Dell Alienware M17X R1 Battery
can move around, and fixed the door to form a whole; tambour usually closed after a train stop, with the door open, active door will slowly open.

If the safety door automatic system fails, the passenger train emergency door can be opened within the device, use the manual switch to open the door. Once the safety of passengers or objects goalkeeper grip, safety gates can release at least three times. Before the train left the station, security goalkeeper before the first closing train doors closed, avoid crowded passenger car clamped.

Screen Door clip multiple channels to rescue people

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the Metro Line 4 Shanghai Stadium Station site, found a keyhole on the screen door. Station staff told reporters that the keyhole is dedicated to station staff to use, in the case of screen door clip human, SOs with a spare key into the keyhole, you can quickly open the screen door, will be sandwiched passengers rescued.

Passengers Once caught, its also out of the woods. Behind the screen door, which is prominently passengers from being caught on the side of the screen door there is an emergency handle, next to the words “in case of emergency, according to the direction of the arrow rotating handle, opened the door to the right..” Under the help of station staff, reporters tried it and found that as long as the general of the air force will be able to open the screen door by a wrench to escape in time.

Meanwhile, the people inside the car can also rescued the passengers in distress. Subway clip person of recent events in Beijing, there is a passenger train stopped unsuccessful attempt, while the passenger compartment door hard shot, caught trying to help the passengers, in fact, these two actions are not the most appropriate approach.

In this case, the passenger compartment should be the first time pulled the emergency stop handle inside in order to prevent the Train. Just next door inside the device for red, comes Caption: “1, emergency remove the protective cover; 2, according to the direction of the arrow rotate the handle; 3, parking, open the door.”

“Passengers on the one hand to be caught pulling the emergency handle to open the screen door to escape, while also calling for help or support with gestures to other passengers, to help escape.” Station staff also said that if there are passengers from being caught, it will immediately inform the driver members do not start the train, Dell Alienware M11x Battery
will promptly take measures to quickly open the screen door.

Yesterday, the reporter in some stations 1,2,3,4 lines observed, whenever you want to start before a train, station staff will be aloft in the hands of the driver waving flags, standing outside the driver’s cab must wait SOs issue, said the circumstances of the normal semaphore to start the train into the cab, this approach also guarantees the safety of passengers to a certain extent.

Shanghai Metro said yesterday, this Beijing subway passengers killed in the accident was not because of “grab door” caused the tragedy at present no way of knowing, but we should learn a lesson from this tragedy – Train buzzer, indicating that the train is about to close, At this point we must stop the passengers get off the action, not the hard-line red door. “Only one life, the subway will come May the tragedy is not repeated.” Shanghai Metro spokesman said.

Infrared detector on the screen door

Seven years ago, Shanghai Metro Platform Screen Doors clip human tragedy has occurred. At 15:34 on July 15, 2007, Shanghai Metro Line 1 Shanghai Stadium Station, a man in the door has begun to close the case of alarm, trying to force into the cars, the result is sandwiched between the screen door and the door, after the train started, the man dropped the site killed on the spot.

At that time, in order to avoid a tragedy from happening again, Line 1 Shanghai Stadium Station unidirectional side screen door was the first to install an infrared detector, once a passenger is sandwiched between the train door and the screen door, detection devices will be able immediately to train drivers alarm, start signal terminates, the train will automatically be cut off due to power system fails to start, but after receiving the alarm monitoring center will take appropriate measures to avoid personal injury.

Currently, infrared detectors have been installed in place at the Shanghai Full screen door. Position detector gap in the door and the screen door left and right sides. After the train doors and platform screen doors fully closed, provided on both sides of the infrared curtain detector will automatically emit infrared light curtains form a barrier, if the foreign body is sandwiched between two doors blocking the light curtain, the detector will The first time an alarm.

Metro Security promo loop

“Not just pull the emergency handle, otherwise it will bear legal responsibility,” which is familiar subway warnings, but what circumstances should pull down the emergency handle, many passengers still doubts this. Reporters yesterday in the 2nd, the 3rd Line subway station to see the latest version of Shanghai Metro Safety Series promo has “attention pinch articles” made a special episode where, in the subway station and train car television repeatedly broadcast. Which clearly told that if the folder after the train doors closed screen door man, the car started again, passengers pulled the emergency brake the car as soon as possible within the handle, such a “wind up” behavior is not only correct, but also to give praise.

Videos also showed a cartoon character as a passenger, “Chang Chang” in the screen door off the car and hurried moment the door is jammed, the train immediately want to start, Urgent, at this time, “Chang Chang” told everyone that this situation can be pulled the emergency brake, then the passengers rescued.

“When I saw videos, I finally how to dispose of special circumstances have an intuitive understanding, hoping to escape to other metro areas of knowledge but also through the screen to explain.” Passenger Liu said. Reporters noted that, in fact, this promo other content, such as if a fire inside the train car travels, the film has a fire extinguisher inside the display, showing the four proper use of fire extinguishers legend. Detailed videos each episode are the sudden stop or ride in a time, each episode is controlled within 20 seconds, passengers use the station waiting a few minutes, or in the Dell Alienware M15x Battery
a short residence time can be learned practical knowledge.

Shanghai Metro Again, morning and evening peak hours, some passengers often closed rang Shihai rushed to the car, it was even hard clawed the imminent closure of the door, doing so is extremely prone to passengers caught, for their own safety and must not insist forcing carriages.

[Occurrence passengers caught screen door how do]

There is a keyhole dedicated to station staff on the use of a screen door, screen door folder in case human, SOs with a spare key into the keyhole, you can quickly open the screen door.

2 behind the screen door, which is prominently passengers from being caught on the side of the screen door there is an emergency handle (on the left), next to the words “in case of emergency, according to the direction of the arrow rotating handle, opened the door to the right.” . Reporter trial found that, as long as the general of the air force will be able to open the screen door.

3 passenger compartments should first pulled the emergency stop handle compartments (upper right), blocked Train. Just next door inside the device for red, comes Caption: “1, emergency remove the protective cover; 2, according to the direction of the arrow rotate the handle; 3, parking, open the door.”

Millet Q3 global shipments of 17.3 million surge in third twice

Research firm IDC released the third quarter of the global smart phone shipments tracking reports, according to the report, the third quarter of the global shipments of smart machines 327.6 million, an increase of 25.2%, 8.7% qoq.

Samsung smart machine third quarter shipments 78.1 million, down 8.2%, the market share of 23.8%, compared to 85 million, a market share of 32.5%. Batterie ASUS N71JV
is the only top five vendors appear shipments fell vendors.

Apple mobile phone shipments in the third quarter, 39.3 million, up by 16.1 percent market share of 12.0%, compared to 33.8 million, a market share of 12.9%.

IDC said, iPhone 6 listed to Apple’s mobile phone sales is a big boost, but can not be ignored is that, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C still has a strong market demand, but also accounted for the two older models of Apple first three quarters of the main part of the shipments.

Millet mobile phone shipments in the third quarter of 17.3 million, an increase of 211.3%, the market share of 5.3%, compared to 5.6 million, a market share of 2.1%.

IDC, millet for the first time into the top five of the column, and the shipments reached triple-digit percentage growth, which is mainly due millet four mobile phone market in August.

Lenovo intelligent machines in the third quarter shipments 16.9 million, an increase of 38 percent market share of 5.2%, compared to 12.3 million, a market share of 4.7%.

IDC, Lenovo Mobile has the growth in China’s domestic and overseas sales, priced below $ 100 and A316 A369i two models are very popular in the Batterie ASUS X72

, Asia and Africa.

LG intelligent machines in the third quarter shipments 16.8 million, up by 39.8 percent market share of 5.1%, compared to 12 million, compared to 4.6 percent.

IDC said, LG open market with low-cost handsets efforts finally paid off in the third quarter of the total shipments exceeded 15 million, which is the Batterie ASUS K70IJ
‘s history for the first time in a single quarter shipments exceeded 15 million.

Other intelligent machines in the third quarter shipments 159.2 million, up by 40.8 percent market share of 48.6%, compared to 113 million, a market share of 43.2%.

SAIC joint research and development with Alibaba Internet car

On 2014AWDC Ali cloud developer conference a few days ago, and Ali Baba YunOS 3.0 conference, SAIC (600,104, stock it) Zhang Xin Quan, executive director of Information Systems Department revealed that joint R & D with Alibaba in the use YunOS operating system, and will integrate Ali Ali’s cloud computing, high German navigation, communications and other applications Ali resources. The car will be two years after the launch.

Zhang Xin, he said, “has now entered a more software-defined performance car era, the car, the service will be implemented by the software if you do not study the operating system that does not want to talk about a wedding in love. Collaboration with Ali , so that Batterie ASUS N71JV
get a system capable of self-control operation, according to the characteristics of the vehicle, environment and needs of users for customized, more importantly, it is sufficiently safe and reliable. ”

It is reported that, as early as July this year, SAIC Group and Alibaba Group in Shanghai signed a “” strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will actively carry out “cooperation and related fields of Batterie ASUS X72
services, work together to build for the future,” the “,” and its ecosystem.

YunOS by Alibaba Group in July 2011 officially launched the smartphone operating system. At present, it has been widely used in the Pan-intelligent hardware end phones, Batterie ASUS K70IJ
, cars and wearable devices.

Wanbailin District Reconstruction of the Village People’s Republic of China Ministry of Commerce Website gratifying progress

October 21, from Wanbailin district informed that this year, the district villages demolished gratifying progress, the cumulative removal of the old village area of ​​1,403,900 square meters villages, unplug the black chimney 2151.

This year, the district was set up headed by the Planning Branch, housing construction, land and other relevant personnel of the “Wanbailin area planning to promote the work group”, in-depth transformation of the village of specific guidance on planning work to help improve the relevant procedures and promptly each transformation village in planning the problems with the city planning department docking, research solutions, the formation of the upper and lower linkage, Batterie ASUS G73J
work around the situation. In addition, through “of a table.” Formulating an action plan inverted planning, land, collective economic restructuring and other formalities time, speed up procedures for speed.

In addition, Waste Management matters in the district this year for the people “do practical, problem-solving things” campaign promise is progressing well, has completed 13. Among them, Wang Feng, “the snake Rabbit” geological resource protection zone construction site of ecological restoration project started in April, has been completed, the main road along the inside wall of 2400 meters puzzle landscape park surrounding green hills, planted more than 80,000 trees of various types strains. The project is the construction of pedestrian trails through the use of local materials, garden spots, enclosure and other facilities, formed a set of “science education, Batterie ASUS M50Sa
, ecological protection, tourism” as one of the ecological protection zone.

Urban road network transformation matters, Kim Rd, West Line Street, north and south section of West machine Road, West Outer Ring Street, slim and slim Valley Road, West Valley Road municipal government has issued six road reconstruction plan, currently above 6 road construction work in progress. After the transformation is complete, the travel environment surrounding residents will be greatly improved.

In addition, to optimize educational resources matters, with a total investment of 18.4 million yuan, jade and other four elementary schools Batterie ASUS a32-f82
area of ​​about 38,000 square meters of playground and ancillary facilities renovation, is now completed and put into use. Invested 7.2 million yuan renovation and expansion of four public kindergartens, building area 4466 square meters, the new 20 classes, an increase of 600 degrees.

TVOS promotion impact on OTT industry co., LTD

Administration of radio, film and an application in the system scale test TVOS system notification, many netizens to vomit slot. As sohu IT before many times in different article emphasise, TVOS this operating system, is not mandatory national standards, so IT is in the short term notice will not be on radio and television systems outside of the video website, OTT STB, smart TV industry have a material Chargeur ASUS UL30 impact.

By this notice and sohu IT understands the situation, we can learn about the following information:

1, the cable operators should focus on Chargeur ASUS UL80Vt intelligent terminal standardization, vigorously carry out TVOS1.0 scale application test.

2, in the experiment, cable operators by purchasing or integration research and development and the installation of smart TV set-top box terminals, such as using TVOS1.0 software should be installed, and shall not be installed except TVOS other operating systems.

3, slurry sampling applied in scale test, on the basis of a comprehensive application of intelligent TV TVOS1.0 operating system, we will promote standardization of radio, film and television terminal intelligent guidance.

4, in January, the state administration of radio and the ministry set up the “smart TV standard joint working group”, based on the next generation networks (NGB) TVOS promotion of smart TV operating system.

5, wide in order to promote TVOS system, set up special research institute in wuxi TVOS industry base, TVOS application popularization.

6, part walk in front of the cable operators, has already begun for the experiment of DVB + OTT. Administration of this Chargeur ASUS ZenBook UX21 Ultrabook notice will make these cable operators to operating system planning STB, conducive to TVOS system in the system and the popularization of radio, film and television.

7, for hardware equipment suppliers, hardware scheme, this notice means that better opportunities to them. By TVOS large-scale trial, radio and television set-top box will usher in a new round of equipment procurement.

8, TVOS system adopts the open source model, from a technical perspective, TVOS system for home appliances and the threshold is not high, as long as there is demand of radio, film and television, they will be in a very short time of products.

9, Internet companies can borrow by TVOS open-source promotion mode, introduced the relevant application, after integrated broadcast platform audit into TVOS official app store.

Famous experts of radio, film and television to sohu IT says package ran, this notice just came out, and around the cable before and have no trials of the TVOS system on a large scale, most of the cable operators OTT related business has been conducted, thus the present notice to the impact of radio and television cable operators also difficult to judge.

Cisco CTI screen after 80 business schools have spring rookie mom convinced

Hello everyone, I am a 29 pale. A chance opportunity to see the teacher’s Mars micro-channel, so learn the curtain thinking city. Concerned about the screen thinking for a long time the city also attracted to the phone until last Saturday Taobao open class, it really added to the VIP study team. From the initial hesitation (due to see a post on said screen thinking city electricity providers trainer liar, there is a fee of course Taobao University Trojan curtain, is a liar, not completed primary school teachers are some more. Behind after resolving customer service staff smiled, did not realize this was a malicious attack behind the black writing posts! I think seeing the curtain City information are positive it, ha ha!) to learn from in the VIP forum section of a Boot Camp section to learn, to listen to 29 xiaoqiang section VIP class teacher, the more determined I choose to think of the city’s confidence in the curtain.

First of all, please allow me to explain long-winded under their own circumstances. I am a man after 80 female, married, has been upgraded to the mother, multi-year-old son of a small called “ ASUS G74S cpu cooling fan .” Before doing foreign trade business in a small foreign trade company, it can be considered a small white-collar workers.

Taobao shop is really began last August, because of pregnancy health reasons, plus the later-born also need to take care of the bag, so leave the original company, the husband is the name of the independent entrepreneur, he is engaged in the handbag industry (Oh, maybe this and I chose a little handbag category origins, her husband made ​​bags, son called bags, handbags category I know how fanatical, right!) understand the grid paper, proofing, production and technology, so I go home gave him a foreign trade business, while working with children. Which I am sure you have done the hard mother’s little friends profound understanding! Little friends you may also know now the export market is not good, and now too well-developed network information, the price is too transparent, the business said than done. . .

Guests have done some, but loyalty is not high, the low-end manufacturing industry profits and risks are too disproportionate. There is a process you have to rework on quality issues, to the delivery of the goods is less than promised (some time that we can not control, such as our order materials, vendors say good for 15 days, but 15 days is up, the goods are still did not come out, we can not on the line, only anxious) you have to go by air. Hard one year, pay and benefits are too disproportionate. Thus, for some time I have been thinking of their way!

Think Taobao first is derived from a mother very naive idea, that Taobao can work from home, that can make money, but also take into account the child may also have a lot to do his mother’s small partner for this reason took Taobao road now! Second, also under the influence of a friend. He was last May shop, do women category, less than a year to do four drill, Cock wire directly change the Tyrant! I am encouraged, and my heart is secretly competing with, other people can do, I can!

With this in mind, coupled with their high-end handbags more interested, so they started looking for supply shop certification. . . Herein omitted thousand words. Perhaps, like all novice seller, initially acquaintances shop are bought, until a friend bought almost all the shop went to the bottleneck. Want one day did not sound sincere feeling uncomfortable, but he is not got a clue how to improve, there is no direction to aim for. Thus, ASUS B43 cpu cooling fan

feel an inner torment, have had a gloomy mood, decadent day.

Occasionally a chat, a friend gave me a point to disclose the information, let me into the QT. So began a single brush, brush the flow of life! Idea is to open my eyes every morning traffic rush to brush, brush one, otherwise he was going to fall behind! Absolutely no concept at that time to do their own internal strength of the shop, to optimize baby title do have the visual impact of the main map, so that customers do have a desire to buy the details page, every day there is only one idea is to brush!

This is based on the one hand, a friend gave me a revelation: his shop six months to do pre-drilled 5 thanks brush, followed by sales volume was up doing activities form a real explosion models. The other is because they do so, and indeed to break zero sales. There are single brush brush flow requirements, single-trip traffic going one hour trip brush, brush one day more than six single people tired dizzy! Although there is some effect, sales of a lot better than before, there is led to the real purchasers but feel no sense of accomplishment, shop traffic is not stable. Day visitors do not brush it flows very few stores, sales have to get up, selling more than 20 talented 7-8. At the same time began to reflect on their own machines to do it every day meaning that he can get out in the end what is, to reap what it has created for himself what is the value? Confused, feel like lying on a glass flies in front of a bright future, but how can find no way out!

Curtain into thinking the city, to see such a motto “dream, take the right path!”

I suddenly began to realize:! Learn their own mind to go, and can truly create value for themselves for their own use to thing so rookie-level thirsty for knowledge, I began basic training camp from novice to learn from the most basic understanding of the reasonable arrangement shop baby down planes, promotional copywriting details page production, analysis of quantum data. . . Each knowledge point really make me a new harvest! There is no free lunch, or truth, learning a lot of video online forums, but mostly boring, but fragmented, no system that allows you to learn this without knowing step in what the school. The tent city of course very systematic thinking, broad lateral content, each teacher has each teacher’s expertise, Mars train teacher, teacher Xiaoqiang title optimization, off-site drainage, uncle next door phone Taobao. . . Longitudinal content Deep shops from the most basic common sense to the title optimization, optimization of baby details, the main map production, then advanced through train, shop activities, marketing tools. . .

Today, for the first time to listen to the VIP program, has also been a teacher and classmates this atmosphere of infection, Xiaoqiang teacher came back once again, to go back once again, to share with us his dry goods, for fear of missing the point of what knowledge .

Zhong Lei classmates, class Huayu Han does not give a good idea as well to share their experience of Taobao, really good enough! Everyone together and feel all of a sudden thinking too spread out, a group of young people together, thinking that it is a force. I have to admit that he really behind the times, a lot of teachers and students say the concept I have not come into contact with, such as unfamiliar street, microscopic, shop weights and so on.

I shop mismanagement, lack of experience, the store also ran 5 on the road. In this way be regarded as Taobao infancy, shame nothing can dry to share, just write their own spiritual path Taobao since this time and after a bright future. After you small partners also need a lot of guidance!

I give myself, to join the city after the curtain thinking should carefully study each day, combat drills, fiercely pay only capital fiercely chic! Whether successful or not, at least ASUS K52JC cpu cooling fan
had nearly paid off carefully!

I hope become attached to small partners struggle with Taobao online, Oh, this dish rookie need your encouragement, your coaching needs, in this first thanked him! Removed Amoy Po, full of bitter and astringent, trying to learn the actual operation , the rookie will be spring! hope curtain to witness the city I grew up thinking, I hope I have to accompany you on the road is no longer fat Taobao alone ……

Cheap route through P2P channels funds to ease pressure to perform

Raised funds intended route through P2P, POW achieve a big change in the market downturn.

Recently, the city of Guangzhou, Guangdong Development Fund and the more well-known financial platform PPmoney cooperate to carry out class balance Bao services. According to reports, this collaboration products as “cash cow”, butt Fund “GF day red” fund. PPmoney financial platform to do the role diversion of funds to complete the transaction in the background GF Fund.

According to industry practitioners revealed that traditional financial institutions, such as number of fund securities in frequent contact with the P2P platform and hope to carry out the sale of related products. However, due to the policy is not clear, cooperative progress has been slowed down, and the related cooperation is still in the preparatory phase observed. This low-cost channels undoubtedly bring considerable fund performance, but the policy platform for P2P and other Batterie ASUS K45 financial tolerance is still worried about the Fund.

To fund its sight on P2P downturn corner overtaking

In the gold cross at June 20 of this year, PPmoney financial platform officially announced, and Guangdong Development Fund to carry out strategic cooperation, the product is expected in July this year on the line. According to the disclosure of the details of cooperation displayed, round cooperation, GF Fund hoping PPmoney platform flow, buy GF Fund with the user’s idle funds, to generate revenue. The whole process, PPmoney financial platform provides only the flow of information, but the investment transactions and settlement process in the GF Fund Platform product design, PPmoney essentially only responsible for providing transaction information, the background will access GF Fund, the entire investment transactions, the settlement process are operating on the platform GF Fund. At the same time, after the purchase is completed, funds into its escrow account, the platform does not handle.

More than PPmoney funds, securities companies are looking for one, which had contact with cast nets, the land of gold, and so should the letter with funds or securities. Lu gold in February of this year launched the “Lu Jinbao” butt Ping An-UOB fund products for increasing profits Batterie ASUS Eee PC 900HA

. According to market sources, Boshi Fund should also cooperate with POW letter, launched on July 3 “full surplus treasure” financial products.

Of public fund, the GF Fund is valued target PPmoney platform itself the accumulated wealth of users and traffic. Nowadays, P2P as a new financial platform, in addition to the bulk of the project, there is a docking spare cash investment demand and investment customers.

In fact, the fund seeks cooperation with recession and P2P fund market are not unrelated. Currently there are five types of fund distribution agencies, namely commercial banks, securities companies, futures companies, securities investment consulting agencies, independent fund sales organization. According to statistics, the number of these institutions were 84, 98, 2, 6, 26. Commercial banks and brokerages occupy the main channel for fund sales.

With the impact of increased funds and corruption and other reasons, the current fund sales market is not ideal. As one of the main sales channel banks, because of its monopoly position has not changed, so the sales in order to increase performance, the fund companies use a variety of methods to meet the additional demand for bank became an open secret in the industry. However, since taking office, Wang Qishan, the financial industry has become the focus of anti-corruption field. From banks, brokers, funds and listed companies have reached unprecedented intensity and can not. Implementation of the new Fund Act, reduce, QFII industry barriers to entry and expansion of RQFII fund business also allows an increasingly competitive market.

Tolerance policy is still the fear

But the problem of Internet banking and brokerage fund layout intervention must face is that there is no access to any Internet banking platform for fund sales license after Celestica fund launch with Alibaba balance treasure, Ali did not achieve the Fund’s consignment license its only third-party payment license. Whether Batterie ASUS N73JF
are eligible to sell funds also controversial.

A commonplace problem faced by P2P platform is, where is the bottom line on the internet financial policy of tolerance. According to the Bank of the four regulatory principles previously mentioned, does not establish a pool of funds, it is necessary to define the nature of this platform intermediary, the second is to clear the platform itself can not provide security, the three imputation funds shall not engage in capital pool, the four must not illegal absorb public funds. Funds and securities and other financial institutions worry is that when the policy is not clear, hastily such cooperation, if prohibited by law, will have to bear much of the loss?

Currently, most of the P2P platform mode of cooperation mainly in drainage manner, as described above PPmoney mode of operation, the platform just as the role of information flow diversion, but not in direct contact with money. While some fund sales license application platform to start, do not rule out the future of Internet banking platform will be one of the more expensive fund sales channels.

China merchants securities: watch the visteon automotive electronic net profit of continued ascension

China merchants securities (600999, shares) (7) today issued A visteon corporation research report, report on automotive electronics company net profit of continued ascension, valuation, to maintain “strongly recommended” investment rating. And watch the Johnson controls electronic future akku HP Envy 13-1050EG earnings growth, rapid growth of automobile electronic business valuation.

The following is a research to the parts:

Company is dongfeng group subordinate parts of listed companies, the department has casting pieces, inner decoration group supporting ability, its two subsidiaries: dongfeng visteon, Johnson electronics provides the main source of profits for listed companies. Johnson controls electronics companies benefit from a wave of car electronic, double net profit for two consecutive years; Visteon corporation brand best-selling drive downstream dragon etc, good growth. Bullish on automobile electronic akku HP Pavilion dv6-2090eg company net profit of continued ascension, valuation, to maintain “strongly recommended” investment rating.

Share company Johnson electronic net profit proportion increase year by year. Johnson controls electronics was founded in 2006, Johnson controls holding 60%, the company is mainly for dongfeng group company joint venture, autonomous passenger car sales Johnson controls the traditional strength of products: combination instrument, car body control system, information, entertainment and connection system, etc. CMU started peatlands in 2013 new product, supporting Japan’s Mazda, amount of form a complete set of 600000 vehicle brought rapid growth to the company. HUD products began in 2016, rare conservative is expected to more than 500000 downstream demand for the company to bring new growth. Can be expected in the future five years for high-speed growth, to the listed company net profit contribution proportion is expected to more than 50%.

Dongfeng visteon and table, increase synergy. + shiyan dongfeng visteon (wuhan) end equity adjustment in 2013, included in the consolidated financial statements to increase synergy. Dongfeng visteon, door plank, dashboard and other interior parts production line, the downstream is dongfeng series. Basic follow industry growth, stable future net profit is expected to remain at 15% to 20% growth.

The rest of the business situation better. The rest of the business mainly involves castings, interior parts, machine, carburetor, etc., mainly for the downstream akku HP TouchSmart tx2-1150eg series of dongfeng commercial vehicle, motorcycle, etc. Affected by fluctuations in the downstream, profitability has been generally. Next is a around breakeven small-scope fluctuation trend, driven by the downstream recovery in 2014, a small increase expected profits.

Maintain “strongly recommended – A” investment rating. We watch the Johnson controls electronic future earnings growth, rapid growth of automobile electronic business valuation. Forecast earnings per share 0.95 yuan in 2014-2016, 1 yuan, 1.17 yuan, the corresponding 14 years of PE, PB were 14.4, 14.4, “strongly recommended” investment rating. Target price: 17.6 yuan.

Risk tip: automobile industry declining more than expected, the new product promotion rate not exceeding the expectation “.

Online shopping sick leave during the World Cup is only white lies?

For network service providers to provide a platform for trading sick leave act, the business sector should take the initiative to conduct supervision and management

Relevant departments should encourage companies to implement humane leave system

World Cup in full swing, fans enthusiasm, but because of the time difference, want to see the game live, only late at night, which makes the day go to work, school fans deeply afflicted, and some “speculators” but from the smell of the “opportunities “sick of selling online.

Net sales of sick leave, the condition can be realized “private order”

Computer desk display the “World Cup sick leave, a price of 50 yuan,” the table also placed a “sick leave”, the table stood a wearing No. 10 jerseys fans, clutching her left hand “dismissal notice “right hand holding a phone roar:” You in the end is not a doctor, I was female fans, ASUS ZenBook UX32A hinge gave me prostatitis …… “cartoon circulated on the Internet reflects the image of online business selling sick leave with the World Cup! the arrival of a more prosperous.

The media recently traded for sick leave unannounced visits found on Taobao, all networks and other platforms, “sick leave” has considerable market. Internet search for “World Cup sick leave”, all kinds of sick leave reselling posts, selling price from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars. Moreover, some sellers have their own “territory”, if the seller says, you can open the Beijing Tongren Hospital, sick leave, and some may be out of the city, said all hospitals sick leave.

Surprising is that some sellers exposes “by the hospital’s internal relations,” and even the seller claimed to be a doctor, as long as the pay, sick leave fidelity.

In order to avoid being prosecuted relevant departments, some sellers even had a lot of “mind” in the “commodity” introduced to replace some words with the alphabet, and some words are apart. Used as a Taobao shop Xinhua reporter linked to the identity of the buyer, the shop has been viewed 186 times, describing the words “fidelity Beijing handy BING, fake bar 30 / Zhang, the World Cup leave” and so forth. Although the “escape”, but in order to win the trust of buyers, sellers and some form through photos “show” out of the piles of fake article, dozens of express orders, and with many of the “buyers” dialogue screenshots.

Any sick leave which will bring social problems to sell, with or without hitting the bottom line of the law? Some users of the class of phenomena confusion and worry.

Larger hospitals out of “real” fake of harm

Beijing Chaoyang District Procuratorate prosecutor Jinying Mei told reporters, certain social phenomenon, is based on the real needs of emerging from a fan’s perspective, but because of the difficult hobby ballpark leave, sick leave buy online mostly Shuahua . From the seller’s perspective, the sale of sick leave behavior, can be divided into two cases: one is fake fake sick leave, one is real sick leave hospital. If the sale of sick leave is fake, the seller to see opportunities in the false sick stamped counterfeit “ ASUS X70Z hinge
” In serious cases, criminal law or committing forgery companies, businesses, institutions, people’s organizations and seals. If the seller really called “internal relations by” selling really sick leave, and stamped with the seal hospital or doctor’s true, involves internal hospital staff involved, the problem is more, indicating that not only seal hospital management system vulnerabilities exist, but someone’s medical the existence of bribery and other personnel issues, according to different situations and make the appropriate punishment.

Administrative departments to strengthen supervision, enterprises should actively encourage their employees to

“A class society needs might breed crimes, but not blindly fight to solve the problem through the criminal law. Penalty is the most severe punishment for some minor offense, you should be corrected to strengthen the management and administrative penalties by regulatory authorities.” Jin Yingmei proposals for the sale of sick leave issue, first of all, the regulatory authorities should strengthen supervision, especially to strengthen the network supervision to prevent illegal trade network to become the platform. Before it appeared on behalf of open and trading invoices online phenomenon, with the strengthening of supervision, such phenomenon is reduced, covert means have gradually been identified; against “traffickers” inverted No. phenomenon, not only to strengthen the supervision of the major hospitals, but also an open network, multiple registration form phone, open registration channels, effectively reducing the number of illegal behavior down. Prevent illegal to sell sick leave, the same should also further improve the relevant institutional loopholes, make some “speculators” no loopholes. In addition, employers in strengthening supervision should also encourage their employees to enhance self-management, so that in between buying fake sick of lying to their own career development and to make rational choices for their own hobbies and move to prevent the “deceiving” the crooked brains.

Behind peddling sick leave or possessing interests of the chain

Reporters search for “sick leave” on the Internet and found some sites claiming to be engaged in their own service leave, sick leave open consultation and sick leave and other services of professional institutions. Visible, long-term sick leave trading phenomenon exists.

Former “traffickers” No. reselling hospital source, and now “of the traffickers,” sell sick leave. Worrying is that “of traffickers”, “traffickers” are the same people, which is used in the “relations within the hospital” really exists, it may be a benefit chain. Jin Yingmei think that is worth noting is that the “article traffickers,” not to see there is a demand for leave before the temporary establishment of the “ ASUS U36JC hinge
.” In other words, the sale of fake sick “of the traffickers,” probably engaged in reselling activities, or long-standing collusion with internal hospitals and other social institutions. When these people selling fake bar similar channels and ideas, reselling hospital registration difficult registered with fake bar needs, rather than simply engage in an illegal act. Simple trading sick leave may be less serious offense, but as a whole, is also engaged in other illegal reselling of behavior, which hide a serious social problem.

“Any kind of social phenomenon needs to breed in the overall response to the analysis should be carried out, including how the demand is emerging, in which the subjective vicious how, if there is lack of social or humane care units, and the existence of regulatory problems, then targeted to gradually resolve. “Jin Yingmei said.